Erectile Dysfunction in Collierville and Memphis Tennessee
At Chiropractic Memphis Health & Wellness, we offer assistance to men who struggle with their sexual performance. Almost all men have occasionally experienced some difficulty with developing and/or maintaining an erection, but that is not enough for a diagnosis. However, when it continues to occur and persist, then it may be time to come in for a consultation.

There are two main causes of erectile dysfunction that can affect men's sex lives: medical conditions or a problem that is psychosocial. These can include issues with intimacy in a relationship to hormones and blood supply due to underlying medical conditions.

Oftentimes, it is a physical issue causing erectile dysfunction. Some factors may include heart disease, high cholesterol, obesity, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, thyroid disorders, smoking, substance abuse, injuries in the pelvic region or spinal cord, and several other smaller physical issues.

To treat erectile dysfunction our doctors will conduct a thorough medical exam to ensure you are in good health and that you are taking the proper steps to naturally cure your condition. Following the examination and discussion of medical history, our doctors will work with you to find the right treatment plan for your lifestyle.

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