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I tell everyone when conversing how Dr. Dave in essence gave me a new lease on-life.  After 2 epidural injections from an orthopedic clinic and attempts at physical therapy with no improvement I happened upon the Memphis Chiropractic office here in Collierville.  I was truly afraid the physician here Dr. Dave would not take my case.  I was contemplating my next step of surgery.  Dr. Dave treating my neck condition (herniated disk) after 10 visits I began to tell others I was improving.  After 16 visits I tell everyone the improvement I experience is amazing!  Thank you!

L. Taylor 05/12/2015

Dr. Mark gave me hope where there was none.  I am not sure where I would be without his expertise and support.  As medical experiences go it just doesn’t get any better than this!

A. Parker 03/20/2015

I have been vising Dr. Dave in Collierville for the last few months.  I have suffered with lower back problems, heart burn and hip issues for years.  Dr. Dave has been able to give me back the flexibility and comfort I require to live a productive and enjoyable lifestyle.  I highly recommend their services.

N. Wozniak 11/03/2014

Very pleased with the results. I’ve had lower back problems for as long as I can remember.  Dr. Mark worked wonders on me.  Thanks Chiropractic Memphi

W. Davenport 03/12/2014

I love this office.  Everyone is so nice and friendly.  But most important when I went in to the office I was in major pain and had been for months!  I am a hairstylist and was suffering with pinched nerve in my neck and shoulder pain.  I went in the office in tears now I am smiling feeling so much better. I highly recommend this office!

K. Gibson 02/17/2016

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I love being a part of the patient family at Chiropractic Memphis.  I am healthier, stronger, happier, flexible and well nourished.  I am better able to handle stress: and am able to think better than ever because the love, support and care for me.  Thanks.

J. Street 05/16/2016

I was in Memphis from Chicago for the Blues Music Awards and had been undergoing treatment from my regular chiropractor.  My lower back went out the day I arrived and Dr. Matt Hayden saw me immediately, gave me adjustments for a couple of days and got me to a place where I had mobility and could enjoy the event.  I am very grateful and thank you so very much.  A great experience!

M. Freeman 05/13/2016

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Been seeing Dr. Alan since 2—5!! Going on 11 years.  The care, attention to health and genuine concern of my well-being has always been at the fore front of my experience here.  Dr. Alan knows what he’s doing and continually keeps himself and his staff up to date and current with the nutrition and chiropractic care.  They offer a wealth of information to allow you to experience the best healthy lifestyle you can have if you choose to do so.  I cannot say enough about my “chiropractic family”  You can’t help but benefit your health, well-being and positive outlook by choosing Memphis Chiropractic!!

D. Conrad 1/21/2016

I will say the doctors and staff at Chiropractic Memphis, TN location are by fat the greatest team I have dealt with.  You can’t imagine how special I feel coming in and being not only greeted by pleasant smile, but by name.  Perhaps to just know whose coming in or maybe you really know who is who, but at any rate it says a great deal of your office and the great team you have.

In my time coming to your office, I became friends and even picked up a twin (Brenda) in which I share birthdays with.  I have referred you to several and I must tell them to be prepared for smiles and a very friendly staff.

B. Saffold 3/12/2014

Thanks to Dr. Alan and staff at Chiropractic Memphis TN on Winchester Rd. for helping me to recover from Bed to walking again.  The pain in my back had me down and I could not get out of bed until I started getting treatments.  I did not believe in chiropractic treatments until I needed help from anyone that could stop the pain.  They have made a believer out of me, which Chiropractic Memphis does work for Real!  I recommend any person that has back pain to see Dr. Alan for tier pain relief.  Thanks Dr. Alan and the staff for they all have helped me to recover.

W. Brady 03/12/2014

Love Dr. Alan and his staff.  I was a skeptic and am now a believer in chiropractic/spine care…CM provides a complete wellness plan with the support and resources needed to reach your goals.  The massage therapy is wonderful.  Tera (nutritionist) is an endless source of all things nutrition related and my “go to” for answers.  Dr. Alan’s practice is one that demonstrates a culture of wellness! Thankful for them in my life!

B. Mcalezander 01/26/2014

“You have brains in your head.  You have feet in your shoes.  You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own.  And you know what you know.  And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go..” Dr. Suess   Who would have thought that Dr. Suess would have been talking about me?!  Get on the right track and ake control.  Stob by and see dr. Alan Arstikaitis if you live in Memphis or close by.  They can help YOU change YOUR world !!!!  I’m not kiddin.  It is incredible and my energy level has increased too! I wear myself out doing things instead of just being worn out for not reason.  It is so great!!  If you have a nagging ailment or a hitch in your get-a-long or you just want to finally be healthy call Chiropractic Memphis Winchester office.  You’ll be so glad you did!

C. Liles 4/10/2014

Chiropractic Memphis Winchester location is SUPERB!!  5 star experience every time.  Great Job Yall!!!!

M. Akpotu 03/18/2016