Managing Your Pain with Treatment Options Available in Pain Clinics

Pain is a broad spectrum of disorders that include chronic pain, acute pain, and cancer-related pain. It can also be a combination of all these. It could arise from a diversity of reasons like nerve damage, injury, surgery, and medical problems like diabetes.

The Management of Pain

Your pain therapy plan is usually tailored to meet your particular circumstances, needs, and preferences. Treatments available from pain clinics in Memphis, TN may include any or a combination of the following approaches.

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Medications and Injections

In the majority of pain cases, some type of treatment may be prescribed prior to getting other forms of therapy. For example, local anesthetic is at times combined with a corticosteroid. This is injected around your joints, muscles, or nerve roots to relieve the swelling, irritation, and muscle spasms.

In case a group of nerves are causing pain to a specific body region or organ, your pain specialist may use injections laced with local anesthetics for blocking the excessive pain in that particular area.

Psychological Support

While pain is a basically a physical sensation, you may also suffer emotionally. Dealing with unrelenting levels of pain could negatively affect your ability in meeting family obligations, maintaining a home, holding on to a job, and in relating to your family and friends. Getting suitable psychological support together with your pain medical treatment helps you in managing the condition.

Relaxation Techniques and Acupuncture

Besides the counseling and psychological support, pain specialists can also instruct you on a number of self-help relaxation techniques to relieve the pain. Additionally, you may opt to try the Acupuncture practice that involves the insertion of very thin needles on your skin to relieve the pain.

Spinal Corrections and Surgery

Spinal corrections relieve back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain through restoring whole body alignment. In case your pain is not responding to other methods of treatment, your pain center would then recommend surgery as a last resort.

As there are lots of diverse pain treatment methods, it’s important that you do your research well as you select your pain clinic in Memphis, TN. Perhaps the most important factor to consider in a pain management center is getting one with the experience and training to help you manage and cope with your special pain problem, one you can feel comfortable with.

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