Memphis Chiropractors Hold Innovative Weight Loss Exercise Seminar

With the start of summer, many people are looking to get into shape for the season of sand, sun, and beautiful beach bodies. With the sun and pleasant weather the summer brings to Tennessee, it’s no wonder this season is typically when many individuals put dieting and exercise into high gear. To help the members of the community, we at Chiropractic Memphis, a respected Memphis chiropractor chain, are always glad to provide the latest medical advice we have to offer to help our patients stay fit.

On Monday, June 2, 2014, the renowned Memphis chiropractors from Chiropractic Memphis held a dynamic workshop on physical fitness at our Winchester office. Given the title “Summer Shape,” the interactive health workshop focused on the importance of exercise to achieving and maintaining a healthy body.

Our doctors demonstrated how going to the gym and watching the number on a scale just touch the tip of the iceberg in the search for optimal physical fitness. They also showed how keeping in shape has evolved from hour-long hikes on a treadmill to energetic, customizable daily habits.

Some very interesting facts were also discussed. Debunking the value of traditional diet and exercise, our doctors revealed that many decades-old habits can actually push your body to store more fat. They also explained how 15 minutes of the right type of exercise could burn calories for up to 48 hours, and how any progress on a workout plan could be sabotaged by a single anti-nutrient.

Finally, attendees were shown how they could drastically reduce their risk of falling ill to diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer by understanding the benefits of the latest cutting-edge exercise science and applying it to their fitness regimens.

The workshop’s participants were understandably ecstatic at the wealth of information they received and were eager to put the ideas they had learned into practice. The message that weight loss pills and surgery were simply like some sort of fitness pyramid scheme, where you would rob Peter to pay Paul, resonated with the crowd and help to increase their motivation to put more effort into proper diet and exercise.

Health- and fitness-conscious individuals and families are encouraged to stay tuned to our website for more information about the other exciting events we plan to offer in the future. Also, anyone with an interest in improving their health can use the information on the Patient Resources section of our site to educate themselves with the tips we offer on nutrition, exercise, and the essentials of Maximized Living.

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