Seeking Treatment from your Memphis Chiropractor for Intimacy Problems

Many couples can find that being intimate in a private setting aids in strengthening their relationship. All it may take is being honest and respectful of each other in going the extra mile. The question is: what if the man has a bad back that created a situation for erectile dysfunction (ED)? In an article for EmaxHealth, freelance health author Kathleen Blanchard said that chiropractic treatment can help reverse the situation and benefit both partners.

Seeking Treatment from your Memphis Chiropractor for Intimacy Problems

The above can have some value among residents in Memphis, TN, especially people facing roadblocks behind closed doors. Sex therapist Dr. Candace Brown claimed that 43{55c96d166abefb27513a02d4657b8743f3d956d5e061b21998f450b84112a276} of women already have problems with achieving satisfaction and many physicians are gradually figuring out solutions for reviving intimacy that may apply to both men and women. When the man could not step up because of back problems leading to ED, he will need a Memphis chiropractor such as one from Chiropractic-Memphis to help him turn things around.

Probing the Source

A check-up with your preferred chiropractor can explain how back problems play into an ED crisis. Generally, back pain comes as a result of pressure buildup in the spine and the nerves. This in turn, according to, disrupts stimuli meant for the reproductive organs, especially when it concerns maintaining an erection through continued blood flow.

Problems with the back muscles also contribute to ED. The Journal of Sexual Medicine editor-in-chief Dr. Irwin Goldstein said back injuries in particular tend to compromise pelvic muscles as they need ample blood to channel to the sex organ.


Your preferred chiropractor will primarily use spinal manipulation to correct off-center sections of the spine, specifically the C1 and C2 vertebrae close to your brain stem. This enables a better release of nerve signals and hormones, not to mention enhanced flexibility.

It is also best to discuss where your nutritional and medication needs go. It is often inadvisable to ingest certain supplement products due to potential cardiovascular side effects.

Remember: it is never too late for you to try all-natural solutions to encourage better private time with your partner. Skilled Memphis chiropractors can aid you in not just powering your drive, but increasing your overall health and wellness potential. Why not schedule a consultation today?


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