*Friendly and welcoming office *Excellent, knowledgeable care

– Melissa J.

Dr. Dave is awesome!!!!

– Tim H.

Took my 3yr old and 14 month old in and all three of us got GREAT adjustments. The entire staff was great with the kids and Dr. Kellenberger has a real gift for making everyone as ease during the whole process. I especially appreciate that he took the time to explain details and answer questions without making me feel rushed! I walked out feeling confident and valued.

– Natalie C.

Staff was super awesome. Friendly environment. Most Dr.s get u in wambam n send u out. This experiance was not like that. Thank you Dr. Kellenberger and staff!!

– Kyle W.

Dr. Hayden is very knowledgeable and effective. He has a great personality and he really cares for his patients.

– Malcolm J.

Great clinic to work with. Addressed my issues with good communication.

– Brent W.

Very good experience. Helpful staff. 🙂

– Scott W.

Lower back pain relief in a few quick adjustment visits. Initial x-rays were thorough and Dr. K and his staff are very personable. Highly recommend!

– Lindsay C.

I love this entire practice! Everyone is like family. My entire family sees them and feel better because of them. We see them for hormone balancing and chiropractic services. Highly recommend to everyone I know. I’ve had several friends go in and are much better now.

– Lisa P.

Dr. Dave is great! I recommend him to anyone that wants to get adjusted. He and his staff are very professional and are such great people! This was my first experience ever with a chiropractor and he has changed my life for the better!

– George N.

Mobility in neck and shoulders is immediately improved. Overall well-being is so much better!

– Kathy S.

Always good. Everybody very attentive.

– Pat T.

After years of suffering seeing specialists & taking medication for my symptoms I finally found real relief & results at Chiropractic Memphis! Migraines, hip, shoulder & leg pain & spasms all Corrected through proper alignment of my spine! I can’t thank them enough!

– Valerie S.

Great person and doctor. Understands the need of young athletes. Thank you.

– Priti S.

All the staff & Dr Kellenberger were very friendly & professional! I actually felt better after only one visit with Dr Kellenberger!

– Judy E.

Dr. Dave and his staff are the best!!

– Dana C.

Great feeling afterwards

– Markus W.

Dave is the best. Instant relief.

– Nathan H.

I’ve been going to Dr. Dave since I moved to Germantown. At that time I was no longer able to golf and was having trouble just doing normal daily routine. It took a while but with extra visits and exercises I was back to playing golf again. I see him for routine maintenance visits and he has helped me immensely. I will always have back problems but he has made them tolerable. Great doctor and staff, relaxed atmosphere, I highly recommend him. Thank you Dr. Dave for giving me back my golf game!!

– Brian R.

very good treatment

– Robert T.

As always, Dr. Dave provided excellent care. His adjustments as well as his recommendations have helped me greatly. The staff is always friendly and efficient.

– Elena M.

I was lifting a box when out of nowhere I could not stand up. The pain was horrible and I noticed I my hip was sticking out more to the right. I was skeptical to go to the chiropractor, but I am glade I did, because on my first adjustment they fixed my posture and the pain was completely gone by the second day.

– Jose V.

Dr. Philip gives me an AMAZING neck adjustment! He adjust me while I am sitting up so I can feel much more comfortable! My neck is much less tense right after receiving the adjustment.

– Jenny V.

I feel amazing after my adjustments! I have even started sleeping a whole lot better thanks to Dr. Philip! This is the best I’ve felt in years!

– Noah W.

Dr. Philip is great and the staff are great! I always leave feeling better than when I walked in the door. The atmosphere in the office is uplifting!

– Susan F.

I didn’t know what I was missing! I had been “dealing” with back pain and headaches for a few years and thought it was just going to be my new way of life. I was in pain for so long that I didn’t remeber what it was like not to hurt. After my first adjustment with Dr. Philip I immediately notice a difference in my breathing. It was as if he had removed a thorn from my back that was stuck there for years. I also became completely headache free. I had no idea that the source of my headaches was my neck. I have been getting adjusted for about 2 1/2 years now and I believe it is one of the best decisions for my health that I have made. I am so thankful for Dr.Philip’s skill and genuine care for his patients.

– Kiana B.

I do not know how I would of survived without Dr Phillip and Dr Madison. I was diagnosed with pelvic symphysis dysfunction at 4 months pregnant and let me tell you that pain was so intense I couldn’t even walk right due to the pain. As soon as I notified my chiropractor they knew what to do and they kept me out of pain. Thanks to them I was able to give birth natural with out c-sect and was able to work all the way to the end of my pregnancy without being put on bed rest. 🙂

– Ana O.

I was skeptic at first but I’ve realized how much going to see Dr. Philip really helps. When I mess something up at work I can always find the time to come in and get adjusted. Last time I messed up my shoulder I back as new in just one adjustment! It was awesome! I couldnt believe how fast it was to get back to normal.

– Robert C.

My neck feels so much better now. So glad to be able to sleep more to have more energy to keep up my kids. I’ve been to other chiropractors, and Dr. Philip gives the best adjustment I’ve ever had. The staff is so efficient and caring. I feel better as soon as I pull into the parking lot, knowing that I am to get to see everyone and get an adjustment.

– Rebecca J.

I enjoy all of the excitement when I come in and I love feeling better when I get adjusted. Dr. Philip is wonderful!

– Jonathan B.

Dr. Philip is awesome! I’ve been able to start going back to the gym and lifting weights with all of the support his care has given me. And I know where to come to when I need a quick adjustment to get me going again!

– Ayla L.

Great as usual! I always leave feeling like a million bucks.

– Katie H.

Dr. Dave provided treatment, resolved my problem and suggested future actions to hopefully prevent further complications! Thanks-

– Kenneth S.

I’ve was a client of Dr. Matt’s before the opening if the downtown location. And I still a client/friend of his today because of the great work and service at Chiropractic Memphis. I love hearing “It’s a great day at Chiropractic Memphis” when I call the office and it sets the stage for what has always been a great experience every time I visit. Thanks for all you do. JGrice

– John G.

I came to see Dr. Dave with terrible neck pain. I would get dizzy and felt nauseated when I turned my head. Dr. Dave is a miracle worker! I feel so much better after one visit. He listened to my issue and targeted the specific area that was causing the pain in my neck. I could not recommend Dr. Dave enough.

– Stacey M.

I have been a patient of Dr. Dave for about 6 years. He is very knowledgeable about the body and how to adjust for the problem and to keep my body in alignment to remain healthy and mobile at 75 years of age. The entire staff and atmosphere is a great environment and so friendly. I’m a believer in the body being adjusted and being in alignment instead of taking pills. It’s worked for me for 30 years.

– Bo S.

Have been seeing Dr. Dave for several years. He is very professional and willing to listen and help. The office is very clean and the staff very friendly. Based on my experience I would highly recommend chiropractic care at this office.

– Janet J.

I’ve been seeing Dave for over a year and he’s always been very thorough in my chiropractic care! Can usually just walk-in, lay on the automated massage table to loosen up, then go and get my adjustment and leave without having to schedule an appointment. I would highly recommend Dave and his staff.

– James K.

Always helpful.

– Ed S.

Great every time I go

– Ally M.

Great place to be taken care of!!! Dr. Matt looks at your whole body to improve your well being!

– Irina A.

We love Dr.Dave. He always listens to what you have going on and makes it better :-)!

– Lorrie N.

Great! Everyone is friendly and genuinely concerned with getting you well!

– Michelle H.

The service is impeccable

– Clyde* M.

Thanks for the welcoming atmosphere. I feel like I have a team that cares about my well being.

– Javiona T.

Dr Dave is the best!!

– Gail S.

Dr. Dave has mastered his craft. Appreciate his thoroughness and the time he spends explaining what and why he does what he does.

– Stephen S.

Cannot recommend enough! I am very grateful to Dr. Matt and his entire office. They are very kind, friendly, professional and have truly helped me!

– Stacie M.

Awesome team and Dr Hayden is great. Laid out an action plan and I am excited for the coming months.

– Robbie M.

One of the best!

– Michael N.

Nice environment and atmosphere .

– Irina A.

Dr. Mat adjusted my back, ear and neck areas needing attention due to allergies, etc. Because of this treatment, I am able to take care of my dogs, birds & household chores.

– Teresa M.

Being a patient of Dr. Matt prior to the opening of the downtown office indicates that I have been pleased with service at Chiropractic Memphis for a long time. Not only do I appreciate the service rendered, but the politeness and efficiency as well. Thank you for a job well done.

– John G.

Dr. Hayden is the best. Scheduling is flexible here at his facility and conveniently at your fingertips through text messaging. Upon your arrival you’re greeted with a “Good morning” by the young lady at the front desk EVERY TIME. There is hardly ever a wait to start treatment, which first is the spine massage table. This little gadget will put a grizzly bear to sleeeep. It’s personally my favorite thing. Lol, moving on…. Next, as soon as the timer goes off on the massage table you’re greeted by Dr. Hayden, who is ALWAYS in a great mood, and led to one of the alignment tables. The alignment is never painful. You’re in and out in 15mins tops.

– Gabriele M.

Started today with a great adjustment (as usual), and we look forward to more. Really allows us to feel well all day!

– Neal N.

We are really enjoying our routine visits with Dr Hayden!

– Ishani P.

Dr. Matt is awesome. During my first visits we went over in detail all of the problems I’ve been having with neck and back pain, we took xrays and then we reviewed my treatment plan in detail. The office is within walking distance from my work, it usually takes me 15 minutes to get from my desk, to the office to get adjusted and back to my desk. I am always greeted by name and I always leave feeling better than I did when I walked in. I highly recommend Dr. Matt and his team at Chiropractic Memphis Downtown.

– Lauren W.

I truly look forward and enjoy my visits to the office! Such a welcoming atmosphere topped with knowledgeable people is a combination you can’t beat.

– Jaemi G.

Dr. Matt and his staff are both professional and nice. Dr. Matt explains everything is will do or is doing so that you can understand. The office is neat and inviting.

– Denise H.