What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a natural, safe and non-invasive method of treatment that concentrates on the nervous and musculoskeletal system of the body particularly the spine. Chiropractic Memphis, TN doctors believe that the spine is critical to maintaining the body’s overall health. This is because the spine is responsible for transmitting nerve impulses to different parts of the body, necessary for them to function. An injury or swelling can cause misalignment of the vertebrae of spine called subluxation. When subluxation occurs impediments in message transmission may result which manifests in various in physical problems.

Treatment Method

The primary method of treatment utilized by a chiropractor to coax the misaligned spine back to its place is called hands on spinal manipulation. Manual spine manipulation requires the application of sudden thrust on a particular part of the spine joints. The thrust extends the joints from its normal range of motion. A popping sound may be heard once manipulation is applied. The sound comes from air released from the joints. Once the spine is manipulated, it is restored back to its natural position. Once the spine is aligned, the body restores health on its own without needing costly surgery or harmful medications. Mobility is also restored.

Chiropractic Pain Relief

To relieve pain, a chiropractor usually begins the treatment with looking into the case history of the person including hereditary factors, diet and nutrition, lifestyle, treatments in the past such as osteopathic or medical, occupational and psychosocial factors. Medications taken will also be asked during this time. The patient must also inform the doctor of any medical conditions they are undergoing at present. The chiropractor may also investigate other related areas to get a clear indication of the problem. Providing accurate information about the medical history can greatly help in arriving at the best treatment plan.

Physical examination follows. The examination may require static and motion palpation strategies in order to determine the segments in the spine that have limited movements. Depending on the result of the consultation and physical examination, the chiropractor may recommend lab tests.

Providing holistic care is the aim of Chiropractic Memphis, TN program. The first step in treatment is restoring function to the affected area. This begins with the application of manual spinal manipulation. The chiropractor determines areas that are weak in the kinetic chain of the body. At times, these areas may be far from the source of pain. For instance, applying articular manipulations in leg to treat backache.

Exercise and nutrition are important part of chiropractic therapy. The chiropractor may provide the patient with a safe and effective exercise routine that can stretch underactive or tight muscles. Healthy diet and nutrition especially during treatment is also needed to complement the effects of the therapy.

Spinal manipulation is found to be very effective in treating acute back pain, neck pain and headaches. Of the 22 million Americans seeking chiropractic treatment each year, a huge percentage at 35 percent, are due to back pains. Studies have also shown that people afflicted with osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia respond favorably to moderate Chiropractic Memphis, TN manipulations.